Fee Structure:

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Admission policy:

All applications for admission should be accompanied with the non-refundable fee for admission. On

receipt of the application along with the admission fee you will be issued with a letter of admission

and invoice for payment of the school fees.


Fee policy:

All fees are payable on or before the commencement of the term. Late payments will be surcharged K.

Shs.5,000/= per month. The school reserves the right to suspend a student from attendng class, having

school meals and access to school transport for non payment of the school fees. Fees once paid is

neither refundable nor transferable. All fees charged may be subject to change at the discretion of the

management without notice.

Sibling discount:

Sibilings from the same family will be entitled to a 10% discount only on the tuition fees from the

second child onwards.


Access fee:

The fee is payable at the start of every academic year. It caters for the supply of all exercise books,

internet access, library, ICT lab and swimming pool maintainence.



Boarders will be charged K.Shs. 80,000/= per term in addition to the above mentioned fees.


School Transport:

If you intend to use the school transport please enquire from the office for the charges. Charges vary

according to the area. The school is under no obligation to pick and drop a student until the transport

charges are paid in full.

Access fees:

This is a one time fee payable at the commencement of every academic year. The fee caters for use of

internet, science labs, computer lab and swimming pool. Apart from this all children are provided with

exercise books, printed and photocopied notes /soft copies of books in all subjects and basic art



Year 11,12 and 13 candidates sitting external examinations shall not be registered for the same until

they have cleared all fees in full for the year. The examination fees will not be accepted until all other

fees have been paid in full. The school is under no obligation to register a student until all fees have

been paid and the student has been cleared by the school accountant.


Bounced cheques:

Bounced cheques will be surcharged K.Shs.5,000/= on top of the amount of the cheque. Cheques for

future payments will not be accepted.